How To Change Air Compressor Oil [4 Easy Steps]

The answer to how to change air compressor oil is very simple. You can either ask for professional help or do it yourself. In any case, it is an easy process and should not take more than an hour to do it. However, it does involve quite a lot of practice and patience to ensure that you don’t spill the oil while doing it.

Although it is a good thing that the technology is advancing so rapidly, it also requires high maintenance on the opposing side. You need to change the air compressor oil every few months for it to keep cooling usually. Now the question is how to do it.

How To Change The Air Compressor Oil

So here I am, prepared with a simple step-by-step procedure to indulge you guys with so that you can do it yourself at home without calling for costly professional help.

1. Prepare Your Tools and surroundings

Before you get started on anything, the first thing you need to do is prepare your tools and your surroundings. You don’t want to realize mid-work that you are missing an essential tool to carry out the whole oil filtering process.

So, get your screws, pumps, oil devices, and spare parts in order before you get started. Also, clean the surroundings as well to avoid any hazards or contamination as you go about your work.

2. Disassemble The Air Compressor

After you are done preparing the site and the tools, you should also clean the compressor to dust off any dirt and gunk to avoid the contact of fresh oil with the contaminations and getting spoiled. But before doing that, you must unplug the compressor. After that, carefully and easily disassemble the parts of the compressor until the oil valve becomes visible.

3. Drain The Oil

After that, take a large container and place it directly beneath the compressor valve. Position it well to avoid the contaminated oil spilling on the floor and spoiling it too. Once the compressor is empty, wait another hour to ensure that all the vestiges of the old oil are drained out.

4. Refill The Tank

Once the contaminated oil is drained out, you can proceed to refill the tank with fresh oil. While you do that, be careful not to spill it on the inside of the compressor because it will be challenging to clean it. And it will reek of oil for days. So better be careful than sorry!

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I add oil to my air compressor?

There is no need to add oil to the air compressor upon initial installation. However, you might need to add oil to specific brand new air compressors. On the other hand, if there is some sort of leakage in the compressor due to any damage, you will have to add it. For this purpose, you can call for professional help but doing it on your own is not that hard a job either.

What kind of oil do I use in an air compressor?

In an ideal situation, you must use 20 weight or 30 weight non-detergent compressor oil, but in case of non-availability, you can also use the standard or synthetic oil. But before you do so, you must read the instructions set out by the manufacturers to avoid any problems with the warranty as well as to avoid any possible damage to the air compressor.

What happens if you put too much oil in the air compressor?

You should be very careful regarding the proportions of the oil you put in the air compressor. This is because if you add too much oil to the compressor, there is an increased probability that the oil may get whipped up, which will cause the oil to foam up in the machine. Thus, the whipped-up foamy oil will lose some or all of its lubricating properties, which may cause severe damage to the air compressor.

Here’s the guide to Change Air Compressor Oil


So, I hope that your query about how to change air compressor oil is resolved and you found the enfolded information helpful. Now, you can change your air compressor’s oil without needing costly professional help. But remember, it is a meticulous process and demands quite a lot of attention on your part.

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